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December Offer of the Month

Christmas Hamper

2.2kg Turkey Breast Joint, 1.3kg Rolled Topside of Beef, 1.3kg Gammon Joint, 450g Pork Chipolatas, 450g Streaky Bacon, 450g Sausagemeat, Jar of Cranberry Sauce

Only £65


November Offer of the Month

November Offer of the Month

4 Meat Combo.  Only £15

2 Chicken Breasts, 1lb Best Minced Beef 

2 Lamb Shanks, 6 Pork Sausages


October Offer of the Month

October Offer of the Month

Buy 4 Puff Pastry Pinwheels and get 2 Free


September Offer of the Month

September Offer of the Month

Buy 4 Pork Chops and get 2 Free


August Offer of the Month

August Offer of the Month

Buy 10 Steakburgers for just £7


July Offer of the Month

July Offer of the Month

Buy 2lb Chicken Breast Fillets and get 1lb Free


June - Offer of the Month

June Offer of the Month. 

Butcher's Choice BBQ Pack. 6 Chicken Kebabs 10 Pork Sausages 6  Steakburgers 

Only £15


Cromer junior Tennis Club members, wearing their new Tennis kit sponsored by Icarus Hines


BBQ at the Cromer Crab & lobster festival

Never mind the weather, we got it together!


Fundraising with the Scouts

Icarus helping Cromer Scouts fundraise for the local food bank with a community breakfast


April - Offer of the Month


March - Offer of the Month


January - Offer of the month

How to: Winter warmers


How to: Perfect BBQ Kebabs


How to: Perfect BBQ Sausages


How to: Perfect BBQ burgers

It is the easiest thing in the world right? Chuck a burger or sausage on the BBQ, flip it a couple of times and it's done. So how does it turn out wrong so often? Here's how to do it.


Whole Lamb

Lamb is considered a sheep from 1 month to 1 year old which means the meat will be tender and succulent and many consider it to be the most flavoursome of meat. As the animals are slaughtered before they have the chance to fully mature they only weigh up to around 60kg so although relatively light (!) require expert handling as the smaller


Side of pork

The humble pig provide us with so much tasty meat from the crispy crackling of a roast loin to the time honoured sausage. Some pigs can come in weighing as much as 180kg and although ours are usually around only half of that, 100kg is not considered to be a walk in the park by any means.


Winner of the battle of the banger award!

Having entered the Adnams Food and Drink festival competition for the 12th showing of Battle Of The Bangers, we were a little surprised to do quite so well.